Taking A Sick Day

My lovely little brother has happily managed to pass on his sniffles to me (he's fine now, but I'm not - he likes to rub it in by singing "Catch My Disease" by Ben Lee). I started sniffling two days ago and it's tumbled into painful coughs, big sneezes, a headache, totally stuffed up and the being submerged underwater feeling. Yuck. I haven't been doing much all day, I went out this morning to get my bangs trimmed (I scared everyone on the bus) then I stopped by Helen's Grill & Restaurant on Main Street to grab some hearty chicken noodle soup and a delicious plate of eggs benedict - my favourite (sadly, I couldn't really taste anything).

I'm home now. indulging in a big cup of hot water with 2 slices of lemon and a dollop of honey. I'll probably snuggle up with my blanket and watch an Indiana Jones movie. Ah being sick, it's great and terrible all at the same time.




Roots Booties

Look what the postman delivered today...

My search for the perfect little black booties are over! I remember seeing these boots in a modelled picture from the Roots website when they were having their previous promotion (couple weeks ago) and wanted to buy them, but they were not listed anywhere on the site nor were they in stores when I checked - so I thought maybe they were sold out or from a previous season or just not out in stores yet.

And I was right - they just were not out yet! I purchased these babes online two days ago (and they're here already!) from the Roots website because they were having their 15% off all regular priced items promo. After doing a bit of googling, I found a different promotion code that gave 20% off (forme20 - not sure how long it will be valid for). They were still a little on the pricey side, but I know I will wear them a lot and when I opened the box I just knew that I would love them (I've never felt that way about any other shoes before). 

These leather booties are top notch - the leather is so supple (and they're leather lined), the stitching is of great quality, they're made in Italy, the perfect weight (not heavy and not light) and the 2" heel adds the perfect amount of height while still being comfortable and walkable (I walked around with them on today and no pain or discomfort at all). The ankle opening fits me perfectly (not too loose or tight), I have pretty average sized feet and ankles and the side zipper is very smooth (they probably will not be a problem in the future). They are absolutely compareable in the looks department to the Rachel Comey Penpal Booties, and having already tried both these Roots boots and the Rachel Comey boots on, I think these are more comfortable and better fitted for my feet to walk in.

I normally wear a size 7.5-8 depending on type of shoe and brand (I've never had a pair of shoes from Roots before so I was pretty much ordering blindly). I ordered these in the 38 (which according to some websites translate into 7.5 and others into an 8 - I think they're an 8) and they fit perfectly with just enough room for socks - I'm very glad I didn't order them in 37.5 or they would have been just a tad too snug. 

The total came to about $222 with tax. Standard shipping is free for orders over $100 ($4.50 for orders under $100). Roots ships with Purolator (tracking is available) - they estimated it would take 2-6 days for the boots to arrive, I would say it took less than 2 days!

I wish I had the extra money to purchase these boots in Africa too. They're just so beautiful, sleek and easy to match with anything and everything (jeans, skirts, shorts, dresses...). Though if I did, I'm sure I'd get some stares since I already have a pair of the Swedish Hasbeens Jodhpur bootie in tan. Oh well, a girl can dream can't she? But I do know she definitely can never have too many pairs of shoes!




Etsy & All Wired Up Jewelry Designs

I am an Etsy fanatic.

I could spend hours and hours browsing on etsy from one handmade gem to another and forget about sleep, work, food (well everything except my cup of chap or tea or coffee that I`m having while etsying)...yes I can get carried away. If your hobby includes anything related to art and creation or you have a love for anything vintage, etsy may come to be your best interweb friend. It's like ebay, but handmade. The shops don't feel commercial-like or have a marketplace atmosphere, but rather like you're peeking into someone's amazing tumblr photos, or a scrapbook collection of treasure. I love etsy (and you should too).

Some of my etsy favs:

So many items on etsy just take my breath away. I`m constantly amazed at what people can create today.

I stumbled upon Pennee, a couple months ago while browsing etsy for the perfect handmade gem stack rings. After long hours of jumping from shop to shop and getting frustrated because everything I wanted was totally out of my budget range - a collection of stack rings met my eyes and I fell in love. Then I looked at the price and bingo! Pennee makes a beautiful assortment of precious metal and gemstone jewelry for very affordable prices. And if you think not expensive means not high quality, you'll only be more surprised when opening the tiny parcel in your mailbox to a stack of well-crafted rings (or necklaces or pendants or earrings or bangles - she makes them all).

She also loves custom orders - so if there's something you want (specific style of ring, specific gemstone) that you can't find, send her a message on her etsy page and magic can be made. She also has her own little space on blogger -> All Wired Up Jewelry Designs and she is doing her first blog giveaway. All you have to do is put a hand in spreading the word about her amazing jewelry and you could win one of her most popular bangles - the Floral Pattern Bangle. Check out her blog for contest details.

I purchased a sterling silver stack ring set. It included an Aquamarine stack ring, Iolite stack ring, Burmese ruby stack ring, and a simple twisted wire band ring. I love mixing and matching for a different combination of rings everyday, sometimes I wear them all, sometimes 2 or 3, or sometimes just a single ring. They go well with all the other rings in my personal collection and are a great way to add a bit of sparkle to an outfit or magic to your fingers. I just never want to be without a ring on my finger




Happy Thanksgiving ♥

I'm stuck at work today, but at least I'm at our wonderful little store on Main Street. I just cannot wait to have lunch later - packed myself some of mum's delicious creamy pasta and leftover mashed potatoes, yum.
My tummy just grumbled :o)

Hope everyone is enjoying sumptuous turkey dinner or (like me) mouthwatering turkey dinner leftovers and that you have someone nice to cuddle with.




The Journey

I felt absolutely obligated to create this blog to share all the amazing little places in beautiful Vancouver (and around the world...eventually ♥) that I feel Vancouverites overlook or simple don't know about. I used to be such a homebody (I still am sometimes), but ever since coming back from studying abroad in Beijing I felt the need to reconnect with my city and (re)discover. 

While I was in Beijing all I had was a bus card, my own two feet, and the bare bones of the Chinese language (which was what I was studying there). I went out as often as I could to explore, eat, and of course shop (on a starving student's budget of course)! Aside from the big malls and large touristy streets filled with big name shops, Mcdonald's, and all things fancy, I found the most adorable little pathways filled with hearty and precious boutiques and coffee shops scattered around the city in the most unlikely of places. It was that that made me fall head over heels in love with Beijing.

On the plane coming back to Canada, I wanted a change in my life - to be more curious and to be able to discover that very love in my own city.
Since then I have encountered so many cute and petite shops and eats carefully tucked away in the corners of the city or hidden just around the corner that have absolutely tickled my heart blush. 

So for all you readers out there looking for something a little special in Vancouver, I hope you'll enjoy my little discoveries and want to share your own and feel inspired to pick up your feet and take a walk in your own beautiful city.



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