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I am an Etsy fanatic.

I could spend hours and hours browsing on etsy from one handmade gem to another and forget about sleep, work, food (well everything except my cup of chap or tea or coffee that I`m having while etsying)...yes I can get carried away. If your hobby includes anything related to art and creation or you have a love for anything vintage, etsy may come to be your best interweb friend. It's like ebay, but handmade. The shops don't feel commercial-like or have a marketplace atmosphere, but rather like you're peeking into someone's amazing tumblr photos, or a scrapbook collection of treasure. I love etsy (and you should too).

Some of my etsy favs:

So many items on etsy just take my breath away. I`m constantly amazed at what people can create today.

I stumbled upon Pennee, a couple months ago while browsing etsy for the perfect handmade gem stack rings. After long hours of jumping from shop to shop and getting frustrated because everything I wanted was totally out of my budget range - a collection of stack rings met my eyes and I fell in love. Then I looked at the price and bingo! Pennee makes a beautiful assortment of precious metal and gemstone jewelry for very affordable prices. And if you think not expensive means not high quality, you'll only be more surprised when opening the tiny parcel in your mailbox to a stack of well-crafted rings (or necklaces or pendants or earrings or bangles - she makes them all).

She also loves custom orders - so if there's something you want (specific style of ring, specific gemstone) that you can't find, send her a message on her etsy page and magic can be made. She also has her own little space on blogger -> All Wired Up Jewelry Designs and she is doing her first blog giveaway. All you have to do is put a hand in spreading the word about her amazing jewelry and you could win one of her most popular bangles - the Floral Pattern Bangle. Check out her blog for contest details.

I purchased a sterling silver stack ring set. It included an Aquamarine stack ring, Iolite stack ring, Burmese ruby stack ring, and a simple twisted wire band ring. I love mixing and matching for a different combination of rings everyday, sometimes I wear them all, sometimes 2 or 3, or sometimes just a single ring. They go well with all the other rings in my personal collection and are a great way to add a bit of sparkle to an outfit or magic to your fingers. I just never want to be without a ring on my finger




  1. Oooh! I am an Etsy fan too. I love the lamp and the rings are so pretty and well made!

  2. Cool! Thanks for introducing me to Etsy - so much neat stuff there. Great blog btw.


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