The Journey

I felt absolutely obligated to create this blog to share all the amazing little places in beautiful Vancouver (and around the world...eventually ♥) that I feel Vancouverites overlook or simple don't know about. I used to be such a homebody (I still am sometimes), but ever since coming back from studying abroad in Beijing I felt the need to reconnect with my city and (re)discover. 

While I was in Beijing all I had was a bus card, my own two feet, and the bare bones of the Chinese language (which was what I was studying there). I went out as often as I could to explore, eat, and of course shop (on a starving student's budget of course)! Aside from the big malls and large touristy streets filled with big name shops, Mcdonald's, and all things fancy, I found the most adorable little pathways filled with hearty and precious boutiques and coffee shops scattered around the city in the most unlikely of places. It was that that made me fall head over heels in love with Beijing.

On the plane coming back to Canada, I wanted a change in my life - to be more curious and to be able to discover that very love in my own city.
Since then I have encountered so many cute and petite shops and eats carefully tucked away in the corners of the city or hidden just around the corner that have absolutely tickled my heart blush. 

So for all you readers out there looking for something a little special in Vancouver, I hope you'll enjoy my little discoveries and want to share your own and feel inspired to pick up your feet and take a walk in your own beautiful city.




  1. I love the idea of showing off how beautiful Vancouver is. Can't wait to see what you decide to post on here :)

    Melissa (a fellow Vancouver-ite)

  2. Thanks for stopping by Melissa :) Vancouver is truly magnificent!


I love hearing your lovely thoughts ♥

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