Nature Preserve Jewelry ♥

Pieces of nature covered in 24 karat gold and sterling silver: how beautiful are these pieces of jewelry from Nature Preserve?

I've never come acress jewelry quite like this before (oh Etsy I love you for leading me to endless discoveries). The uniqueness and delicate beauty of these necklaces absolutely mesmerizes me. I love how they are so chic and fancy, yet still manage to create a totally down to earth look. With a lot of jewelry today chunkier and heavier than ever (not that it's a bad thing - I do love bold and in your face statement pieces), don't these look delightfully light and delicate?

I especially love the Cypress Pine Cones necklace. I wear a lot of black (simplicity - that's me), adding this necklace to my wardrobe would be such an elegant pop of gold. I wish I had a happier wallet - I would definitely purchase one. Just looking at the pictures makes my mind whirl with outfit ideas.

My favorite piece

Some tidbits about Gur Kimel's Nature Preserve collection:

"Gur Kimel is a student for B.Design in industrial design at H.I.T Israel. Gur designs jewellery from natural shapes, materials and textures. In his hands, acorns, pinecones and nuts become magnificent jewels while maintaining their natural beauty. Exploring and collecting exceptional pieces in the Jerusalem hills, urban Tel-Aviv, European forests and Scandinavian villages, Gur finds that nature tells a different story in each location, and this story changes again from season to season."

For now, I'll stick to making my hex bracelets (it's wallet friendly and chic too).
I'll be setting up a mini jewelry fund jar...until next time beautiful golden pinecones!




  1. Ah, they are sooo pretty! I especially love the Swedish Mini Pine Cones... too cute.

    xo, alison*elle

  2. Wow what beautiful and organic shapes!
    have a lovely week dear!

    Chic 'n Cheap Living

  3. Loving the concept behind these "nature" themed necklaces! I'm a nut fanatic, so that pecan necklace would be perfect for me!

  4. The pecan necklace is darling.

  5. this is gorgeous!!! love the pine cone!!!

  6. Thank you very much for the lovely words , someone sent me a link to this post and i was so very proud to read it, that i had to leave my comment.
    Thank you

  7. What a neat concept for jewelry! I guess my mind is all about Christmas, b/c I was thinking how cute these would be as ornaments lol


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