The New Black - Ombré Nails

I recently picked up these adorable mini nail polish sets at Vincent Park and I am absolutely obsessed. I change my nail color every couple of days. Some days it'll be ombré pink, other days ombré black, ombré blue, sometimes all glittery and silver, other times pretty in pink, shiny metallic blue...the fun never ends with these! I can't wait to start experimenting and create the gradient on a single nail!

Each set comes with 5 mini bottles. They claim to be free of toluene, formaldehyde, camphor and DBP and to be "expertly curated colors carefully selected for perfectly graduated tones. Take nails beyond the pale and graduate from the monochrome to incremental colors, one for each nail. Vegan-friendly, long-wearing and chip-resistant."
Vegan-friendly? I sure hope so! Long wearing and chip resistant? I can't quite answer that yet...since none of my nails have worn a single color for more than 3 days (but I'll let you know later on). I've never been a nail polish fanatic (that might change), but since I purchased these ombr
é sets I find myself looking at nail polish all the time when I'm out shopping.

These adorable sets make great stuffing stockers. They come in blue, pink, black, and red. I personally love red nail polish - but didn't quite take a liking to the red set (it seemed a bit dark, dull, and not too fun). The pink is super pretty and vibrant. The blue is very cool, I love the metallic. The black would have to be my favorite as not only do all the colors look amazing together (the glittery silver and shimmery black are so pretty), but I love each one by itself as well.

So if you're scrambling for a last minute gift add-on, stocking stuffer, or even Secret Santa head out to Vincent Park on Main Street and pick one (or two...) up before the sell out (*warning* visiting the shop might entice you to leave with more than just nail polish)! Don't be shy to strike up a good conversation with the lovely ladies there.

$24 a set
You can also pick these up from Nordstrom!




  1. love this post! if you want we can follow each other, on Facebook, blogger, bloglovin or twitter, as you want! =)

    keep in touch

  2. So cute! Hope they still have some left!

  3. such a cool concept.. not sure what your second picture is because it's not showing up but i kind of wanted to see how it looks in real life if you have any pictures.. i would totally buy this!



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