New Side To Chinatown: The Board Of Trade Co ♥

Who would've expected to see such an amazing little shoppe around Chinatown? Just shy of being opened for half a year, The Board Of Trade Co is a concept clothing boutique that aims to highlight and support Vancouver’s growing creative community. Upon loading their website, you might find the face of their newly launched in-store brand Wu+Sen familiar - it's the beautifully stylish Lily from Bleed For Fashion! Click here to check out more pictures of Lily featuring Wu+Sen - aren't those photos amazing?

 Lily from Bleed For Fashion

The store's minimalistic and somewhat industrial decor is refreshing. Their collection of clothing are from up and coming designers around the world who limit the amount of work they produce - so you can be sure that you'll find that one special thing. I have a love-hate relationship with the sense of urgency that creates. If you spy something you love and don't pick it up chances are...well there won't be another chance. Did I mention each piece is gorgeous and packed with personality?

Upon stepping into the store I was immediately drawn to a pile of oversized, chunky, knitted cowl scarves in lovely rustic colors. The Board Of Trade Co has an extremely down to earth vibe with a sort of vintagy eclectic ambiance (I love it). The store carries clothing for women as well as men with a good collection of funky jewelry and accessories (I also fell in love with a pair of super cute tassel loafers).

The Board Of Trade Co was opened up by childhood friends David Lin and Eunice Quan (creative director of Oak + Fort) - probably two of Vancouver's youngest entrepreneurs. I believe I met David while stopping by today. He was very friendly and excited to hear my thoughts of the store. For some reason I was at a loss for words (my vocabulary just flew out the window). I did manage to sort of express how much I liked the look of the store and the creativity in the clothing. Well, hopefully if you ever read this David, I have everything lovely to say about The Board Of Trade Co!

Sadly, I didn't end up picking up one of those scarves (please still be there for next time!), but I will definitely be coming back in the near future for some serious shopping. Another super cool local shop to add to my list of favorites ♥

P. S. For you young creatives out there looking for a unique place to shop, this is a store for you.




  1. He was good looking:D

  2. I love that sweater. Knits are one of the best things invented.


  3. I was recently eating at Phnom Penh with my boyfriend and happened to park in front of this store and Charlie and Lee! It was such a nice surprise to see such great shops in Chinatown. I agree with you, I totally love the store, it's beautiful.

  4. Wowowow! That' an amazing store! I wish i were in vancouver too! I am following back!

  5. Love your BLOG!!

  6. I saw this on Lily's blog but I haven't made my way there yet! It's still on my list though :)

  7. Thank you for the lovely comments everyone ♥

    @Francesca - They have an online shop!

    @Vonnie - I hope your list keeps on building so you have endless amazing local shops to visit :)

  8. Thanks for the nomination, Lori. It was very thoughtful and flattering :)

    I'll definitely check out this shop. I'm always at the mall because it's close to where I live and work, but shopping at little boutiques like this always yields better additions to my wardrobe.

  9. looks like a great brand, lily is an amazing blogger! i love the interior design of the store, so neat and carefully organized. i would definitely visit!




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