A Pleasant Surprise

I mentioned the Rachel Comey Penpal boots in my previous post about the Roots booties that I purchased. To say it simply - the Rachel Comeys have been on my wishlist for a year now (too expensive to buy at original price, and they were sold out everywhere they were on sale) and up until I purchased the Roots boots I had totally forgotten about them.

Last week mum and I were shopping downtown, we stepped into Holt Renfrew (whoops that was a mistake) and they were having their sale! It was the first day and the shoe racks were brimming with sparklies and beauties and people! And then I saw them...my Rachel Comey Penpal booties in black and brown - yikes. After trying them on and figuring how much I really wanted and loved them, I was very proud of myself for putting them back and walking away. My mum tried them on too and she also really loved them (she's been boot hunting), but we ended up leaving to look at other boot possibilities for her.

After a couple hours of shopping around, mum said to me "we're getting those boots." At first, I really didn't believe her. We went back into Holt Renfrew (the shoe racks were noticeably emptier - though the amount of people shopping was about the same) and retried the boots together. After a good ten minutes of debating and pondering...

Cha-ching! Sold!

Don't they look gorgeous on Maggie?

My mum was really happy with her decision since it would be a pair we could both wear. We decided on the brown together - since we both already had black boots and the brown was, without question, more unique and pretty than the black. She actually wears a size larger than me, but luckily with a light insole I can make these babies work. They are very comfortable and impeccably crafted (as all Rachel Comeys are) - I could marvel at the handsome wooden heel all day.

The final total came to around $280 with tax. They were onsale from $450 down to $249. There were a lot of gorgeous shoes that day. If only I had a million bucks to spend

Expect the unexpected.




  1. Congrats on the new boots!


  2. Thanks T! I've been wearing them like crazy ♥


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