Zoya Nail Polish ♥

Picked up this adorable little nail polish from a little shop across from my workplace. I've heard many many many fantastic things about Zoya nail polishes, but because I was never interested in nail polish (up until I purchased 'The New Black' anyways) I never purchased any.

Here's a little snippet about Zoya:

Zoya Nail Polish combines the most sought-after fashion nail colors with the longest-lasting, safest technology in nail care. Zoya's 300-plus stylish nail polish shades are all formaldehyde, toluene, dibutyl phthalate (DBP) and camphor free. The cutting-edge formula has also won a Women's Health Magazine independent panel award for longest-lasting polish. The release of Zoya's four seasonal polish collections is always hotly anticipated by beauty editors, beauty lovers and the salon & spa community alike.

The polish goes on very smoothly and is easy to apply. It does go on a bit thin with the first coat, but after a second (or third) it's fine. The long lasting part is definitely true. It's been over a week now and my nails look just as good as the first day (with the exception of one nail, though it's only chipped a tiny bit - I use it a lot to peel and pick at things at work). 
The color is scrumptuously gorgeous. I love pinks, but many shades of pink make my skin look very dark (not pretty), but this one doesn't do that and looks super cute and cheery. The color is called Renee. I believe they go for just under $10 per bottle at Escents Aromatherapy.

I was very tempted to pick up a few other bottles since all the colors looked so beautiful! I know I'll definitely be heading back for more in the near future (I mean, I do work just across the street)!

Have any of you lovelies out there tried Zoya nail polish? What's your favorite shade?




  1. such nice colours! I really like the light blue. I've never tried this brand before but I will pick one up next time I see it :D

  2. I love the solid colors so much and i would like glittery ones also. <3
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  3. @ Tiffany - the light blue is super pretty in person! I hope you pick some up soon :)

    @ln - I was planning to pick up a glittery one next. Your blog is such a cute idea! All the best ♥

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  5. I love this pink colour, it so pretty & vibrant


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