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For all of you readers out there who love creating jewelry, crafting or anything DIY you should definitely check out the IFound Gallery on Main Street. I have been working in the Mount Pleasant area for over a year now and only newly discovered this fantastic shop a few months ago. IFound Gallery has an amazingly extensive collection of (vintage) findings, chains, semi precious stones, keys, pendants, vintage glasses, cameos, buttons, silk scarves (and many other things that don't come to mind right now) and they have a small section of vintage clothing. They also carry tools for jewelry making, Hypo cement glue, DIY books, and wire.

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Word of advice: you might want to stop by when you're not in a rush. The first time I visited, I actually was in a rush to catch the bus before my ticket expired - well that failed horribly as I spent 2 hours in the shop and didn't even realize it.

I find their prices (though not the absolute best) are fairly decent and actually great if you're just doing a small project that does not require buying in bulk. I love their selection of chain, semi precious stones and metal pendants (there are some very cute sailboats, shells, and leaves) and also their "mixed chain bags" where you get a bit of many different chains.

For all those who do not live in Vancouver who would also love to browse IFound Gallery's collection and supplies, fear not! They have an online site as well as an Etsy shop!
After stopping by IFound Gallery, if you're still looking for jewelry bits and (better) stones Beadfreaks just a few blocks down should be your next stop. It may be a small store, but they have drawers and drawers and drawers of gorgeous stones and lots of little beads to finish off your project with (the stones of one of my best selling necklaces are from here).
If you're more of a knitter than a jewelry maker - also in the area you'll find Three Bags Full who describe themselves as the place for people who love to knit.
Main Street is a great place for creative minds and crafters.

I get most of my inspiration for making jewelry from nature as well as jewelry pieces I see in magazines and shops. I do love having a large amount of stones and chain so I can play around with shapes and how I might put them together - but that's very costly compared to knowing what you want to make and going to get what you need. Where do you get your creativity from? Have you made anything lately? 

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  1. This is amazing! What a fantastic find!
    I definitely am going to check this out for myself!

    The Urban Umbrella


  2. ohhh thanks for the tip! I want to recreate a similar necklace I saw from HRH collection but I'm too cheap to buy the one she makes =(

  3. I love fun and inspirational places like this where you can just let your creativity roam free.

  4. What a great introduction to a tempting store! I'm not super crafty, but I do love looking through baubles and pretending to be creative ;)

    Chic 'n Cheap Living

  5. p.s. Cool I'm totally thinking about that ASOS tunic/dress too!

    Chic 'n Cheap Living

  6. Great blog sweetie !
    This sounds so cool!



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