My First: YSL Arty Ring In Pink With Love ♥

When I first saw this gorgeous ring on Kerri's blog I was in absolute awe and head over heels in love. This limited edition pink YSL Arty Ring with the word love engraved in the back is the exact shade of pink that I had imagined I would want on an YSL Arty Ring.

Sadly, Holt Renfrew no longer had this YSL Arty Ring and I couldn't get a hold of it on the YSL website either. It was definitely disappointing as it was just so perfect to me.

When all seemed hopeless, look what showed up from the postman today...

It's the YSL Arty Ring in pink!!!

Isn't she just beautiful? She's even more stunning in person against the sun lightwhich really emphasizes the stone's depth and unique texture. I am so thankful to my little angel out there (you know who you are). 

Hopefully I'll be able to add a second ring to my YSL collection soon. I'm planning on either a gorgeous bronzey stone with the gold or a cooler teal with the silver. I've seen both stones in person and must say they are both equally gorgeous. Do you lovelies have any preference? 

I just cannot wait to start wearing this ring. It's so beautiful that I don't want to take it out of its box! 




Dreaming of Spring ♥

Vancouver weather has been giving me the blues lately. With last week's amazing few days of sunshine, I was busting out all of my spring and summer clothes really hoping to hop right into spring.
Well Vancouver weather, you really got me there. 

It's been a while since I've had an entire Sunday all to myself. No work, no cleaning, no phonecalls, no irritating little brother (that I love to death), no boyfriend, no friends, no cooking, nothing and no one - just me. And boy does today feel amazing.
Other than picking up my knitting needles and finishing up my big herringbone cowl scarf inspired by Purl Soho I've been browsing the interweb for spring...

 Aren't these pictures amazing? I almost couldn't believe that they are real. They are like paintings taken straight out of someone's imagination, like a place you would read about in a fairytale and dream of.
Wouldn’t it be amazing to take a stroll through this gorgeous Kawachi Fuji Garden Wisteria tunnel in Japan? 

 How about taking a train through this passage in Ukraine? The greenery is just breathtaking and so refreshing. After taking a stroll through this fairytale, I don't think any one can have a bad day.
Locals call it the love tunnel.

Wouldn't it be amazing to get married at a place like one of these?

Images are from one of my favorite blogs: ExPress-O

Wishing all you lovelies a wonderful week.


Scout And Catalogue Spring Collection 2012 ♥

I am so excited for Scout & Catalogue's spring collection to come out this week. I've been in love with their oversized, dreamy confections since they opened their Etsy shop in 2009. S&C's fall collection was a gorgeous selection of cozy tie dye cotton (crinkle) gauze scarves that seemed to evoke images of sun drenched beaches and relaxation. I can't wait to see what spring has in store.

Scout & Catalogue Designer and Producer Breanna.  

Despite being from Toronto, Scout & Catalogue is heavily influenced by the bohemian beach culture of Mexico, Scout & Catalogue strive to make pieces that are reminiscent of afternoons at secret beaches, sun kissed skin, and all day siestas. Their Lasso Scarf comes with a lasso to easily create that laid back and effortless oversized scarf look. Other scarves have a small leather patch with a Mexican milagro sewn onto it. Milagros (literally miracles) are used in Mexico in prayer and as good luck charms.

Scarves range from $98 to $118 (and above) - though not the most budget friendly, each piece of tie dye artwork is worth every single penny. Every time I look at my Lasso Scarf, all I can think of are sandy beaches, marmalade sunsets and slightly sun burned kissed shoulders.

Sneak Peak at their Spring 2012 Collection  ♥


Aren't these photos absolutely breathtaking? And the scarves and accessories are just gorgeous ♥

The Spring Collection will be available on the Scout & Catalogue website Thursday, February 23 at noon EST and launched on the Etsy shop on Friday, February 24. 



Favorite Blushes ♥

Can't have a blog with the word blush in it without a post about...well blush! If I could only have one type of makeup for the rest of my life it would have to be blush. I love blush - especially soft glitter and sparkle and pinks. I try not to go over the top with application (nobody's said anything yet), but sometimes it's hard when you love a specific color so much!

Here are my favorite blushes as of right now

The MAC Ombre blush is my most recent favorite. I did a post earlier regarding how much I love this blush. I've never had a cooler or purply blush before and wasn't sure if I'd love it on my skin tone, but I do! The mix of pink and purple create a gorgeous look.

The MAC Mineralize blush was one of my first blushes. I was into something more pink, pigmented and glittery and this one became one of my favorites. I still love using it now and then today when I want a more pink look.
I alternate between these two when I want color or something a little different.

Nars in Deep Throat is one of my staple blushes. I love love love it. It's very natural and I love the sheen and very slight shimmer it produces. It's very light and fresh. I was an Orgasm lover until I tried Deep Throat. I also have Super Orgasm, which I find a bit too gold and glittery for my liking, but it's still a beautiful color - great for the night out.

My boyfriend bought me this Chanel blush for Christmas. It creates a very natural and sheer look - a very pretty flush for those with fairer skin. I find it has a slight tint of brown to it, which helps to create that natural look. I would love this blush in Fuschia.

The Aveda Petal Essence cheek tint was my first non-powder blush. This is probably my favorite blush out of all the blushes I have. It was a bit tricky to use at first, but after a bit of experimentation I found that it was easier to use than powder and so much more natural. Phlox gives the perfect dewy pink - everytime I apply it my face looks so bright and fresh. I always have this blush in my purse (it's super easy to apply with my fingers). Sadly, Aveda discontinued this blush :(

Purchasing blushes can be so addicting. My blush collection seems to grow a bit more every time I organize my makeup. Any blushes you lovelies would recommend?



Happy Valentine's Lovelies ♥

Even though I hope everyday is Valentine's for each and every person, it's nice to have an official day to stop us in our busy tracks and remind us how lucky we are to have love in our lives and celebrate that. Over time I feel Valentine's has become a bit exaggerated, but hey to each his or her own ways of celebration.
To me Valentine's should be about love and simply love. I hope all of you have a wondrous day, maybe it'll be just like any other day with a bit of sparkle.
Happy Valentine's everyone



I've Been Knitting...♥

Picked up some knitting needles and I just can't seem to put them down...♥

My current project: The Jenny Wrap (pattern can be found on Ravelry)

My first scarf  ♥

 Practice scarf I made many many mistakes on...but hey it looks pretty good wrapped up on my purple bear ♥

You know what I'll be doing everyday for the next long while...

I was introduced to a website called Ravelry by some lovely ladies at my local knitting shop Three Bags Full. Ravelry is an amazing online community of knitters and crocheters who share (many free) projects, knitting and crocheting suggestions, yarn information and ratings and much more - it's really amazing and absolutely free to sign up! I've found it very helpful and informative on my knitting journey so far (and of course the amazing ladies at Three Bags Full and tons and tons of online tutorials - thank goodness for the internet). 

I originally intended to take a "beginner's basics" one day knitting class, but the pricetag drove me away ($90 and up yikes)! After countless videos, trials (and errors) I finally got the hang of it. I'm happy I was able to save myself some money (which was well spent on gorgeous yarn), but boy did I wish I had someone to show me from the beginning, because it's so much much easier than how books and (some) videos portray knitting to be!

Do any of you know how to knit?

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