Dreaming of Spring ♥

Vancouver weather has been giving me the blues lately. With last week's amazing few days of sunshine, I was busting out all of my spring and summer clothes really hoping to hop right into spring.
Well Vancouver weather, you really got me there. 

It's been a while since I've had an entire Sunday all to myself. No work, no cleaning, no phonecalls, no irritating little brother (that I love to death), no boyfriend, no friends, no cooking, nothing and no one - just me. And boy does today feel amazing.
Other than picking up my knitting needles and finishing up my big herringbone cowl scarf inspired by Purl Soho I've been browsing the interweb for spring...

 Aren't these pictures amazing? I almost couldn't believe that they are real. They are like paintings taken straight out of someone's imagination, like a place you would read about in a fairytale and dream of.
Wouldn’t it be amazing to take a stroll through this gorgeous Kawachi Fuji Garden Wisteria tunnel in Japan? 

 How about taking a train through this passage in Ukraine? The greenery is just breathtaking and so refreshing. After taking a stroll through this fairytale, I don't think any one can have a bad day.
Locals call it the love tunnel.

Wouldn't it be amazing to get married at a place like one of these?

Images are from one of my favorite blogs: ExPress-O

Wishing all you lovelies a wonderful week.


  1. I'd rather be it summer, but spring is nice... NO BOY HUH!?

  2. Lovely pictures Lori! Yes I was so excited for warmer weather then of course, it snows! >_<

    I hope you enjoy the time to yourself, those days are the best!

  3. these are so magical and enchanting. really stunning photos:)


  4. omg that train ride looks soo trippy! I can't wait for spring and summer :( im sick of this bi polar weather we're having... with SNOW!!


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