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Can't have a blog with the word blush in it without a post about...well blush! If I could only have one type of makeup for the rest of my life it would have to be blush. I love blush - especially soft glitter and sparkle and pinks. I try not to go over the top with application (nobody's said anything yet), but sometimes it's hard when you love a specific color so much!

Here are my favorite blushes as of right now

The MAC Ombre blush is my most recent favorite. I did a post earlier regarding how much I love this blush. I've never had a cooler or purply blush before and wasn't sure if I'd love it on my skin tone, but I do! The mix of pink and purple create a gorgeous look.

The MAC Mineralize blush was one of my first blushes. I was into something more pink, pigmented and glittery and this one became one of my favorites. I still love using it now and then today when I want a more pink look.
I alternate between these two when I want color or something a little different.

Nars in Deep Throat is one of my staple blushes. I love love love it. It's very natural and I love the sheen and very slight shimmer it produces. It's very light and fresh. I was an Orgasm lover until I tried Deep Throat. I also have Super Orgasm, which I find a bit too gold and glittery for my liking, but it's still a beautiful color - great for the night out.

My boyfriend bought me this Chanel blush for Christmas. It creates a very natural and sheer look - a very pretty flush for those with fairer skin. I find it has a slight tint of brown to it, which helps to create that natural look. I would love this blush in Fuschia.

The Aveda Petal Essence cheek tint was my first non-powder blush. This is probably my favorite blush out of all the blushes I have. It was a bit tricky to use at first, but after a bit of experimentation I found that it was easier to use than powder and so much more natural. Phlox gives the perfect dewy pink - everytime I apply it my face looks so bright and fresh. I always have this blush in my purse (it's super easy to apply with my fingers). Sadly, Aveda discontinued this blush :(

Purchasing blushes can be so addicting. My blush collection seems to grow a bit more every time I organize my makeup. Any blushes you lovelies would recommend?



  1. great post love the pictures

  2. Blushes are my favourite item of makeup too!

    My absolute favourites are MAC Dollymix and NARS Sin. Rock & Republic blushes are great too though they are hard to find.

    xo, alison*elle

  3. You have a lot of blushes. They have beautiful colors.

  4. Mac Ombre is one of my fav's too!!!!

  5. They are all so lovely!
    I really want to try a NARS blush!

    The Urban Umbrella


  6. I really like the Nars Deep Throat color.

  7. LOL this post just made me want to go buy some blush! I have Deep Throat too -- it's definitely a very lovely color. :)

  8. deep throat is one of my favorites too!! i would recommend benefit's coralista, my favorite blush ever!




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