The New Black - Ombré Nails For Spring!

Remember how I was madly obssessed with The New Black's Ombre Nail sets? Well guess what - Vincent Park just got a shipment in today of the Spring colors! I just happened to step into the store to have a look at what's new and lo and behold there the adorable little sets were.
This shipment round brings in 3 new color sets Haze (purple), Waves (a gorgeous green to blue) and Walrus (a mix of browns to nudes).

I ended up picking up Walrus and Waves. I have yet to try them out on my nails, but I have a feeling I might be back in for the Haze sometime soon! These Nail Polish sets practically flew out the door last time Vincent Park had them in stock, so if you want them, better make your way down and get them fast (not to mention there's a good 50% off sale rack at Vincent Park topped off with many super gorgeous Spring Arrivals from Dolce Vita, Brandy and Melville and lots more).

You can also pick these guys up on the Nordstrom website - BUT I don't see any of the Spring colors available (so Vincent Park's the way to go)!

$24 per set of 5 mini bottles



  1. These are so cute. I love all of the colors.

    Thanks for sharing.

  2. I want it really. Love it <3

  3. these looks so cute and interesting idea!

  4. Waves is so pretty and perfect for spring! Would look great with this season's color palette too.


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