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I recently had my first treatment at SKN Clinic and I have to say - I am so happy with how my skin feels. I've struggled with acne, pimples, and uneven skin texture for years and years (yes blackheads and large pores, I'm looking at you) and I am so surprised that after just one treatment at SKN, my skin is visibly smoother and healthier looking (I had strangers on the bus ask me about my skin - it has just been glowing)!

I hesitated for months to go to SKN. For a starving student, it's definitely a luxury and also I've tried many different things for my skin so I wasn't sure if going to SKN would make any difference. I'm so glad it did

I was booked in for a consultation and then a customized treatment (it would've been etiher a chemical peel or a medi facial). My medical esthetician was Megan. She was extremely knowledgeable and very friendly and open to hearing what I had to say. I really loved how she did not pressure me into buying any of their products (saying that she hates wasting product that you already have just to switch over to a line you're pressured to buy) and also how she gave me simple tips and suggestions on how to keep my skin healthy and what makeup products were better for my skin. Despite being located in Yaletown, I really felt at home in the cozy little clinic. 

After a short talk about my skin goals and what I would be opened to trying, she decided the best option for my skin was the Detox Peel. The entire process took less than 30 minutes and was not painful at all (at times it was very tingly as though I had smeared some pepper or mint on my skin, but it was bearable - Megan even gave me a mini fan to fan myself if the tingling sensation became too intense). It ended with a very soothing mask and application of some products from their line Osmosis.

Downtime is very minimal. My skin felt a little bit tight that night and the day after and it flaked a little bit, but nothing too crazy (nobody even noticed my skin was slightly flaky and dry). I ended up purchasing the Osmosis Clarify Serum and Megan also gave me a few samples of the Osmosis Quench Moisturizer that she used on me and The Purify Cleanser. I will probably pick up the Quench Moisturizer on my next visit - my skin seems to be really happy with it (it's not the most amazing smelling product though)! The Cleanser is just okay for me, I still love my Skoah Kleansing Lotion more so I'll be sticking to that.

I'll be coming in for treatments on a monthly basis (thank goodness for my recent raise). For my next treatment, Megan suggested their Vitamin A Infusion Peel - which is one of their more well known and popular treatments - I'll probably begin a series of the Vitamin A Infusion Peel to help replenish and renew my skin.

Other than Chemical Peels and Medi Facials, SKN also offers Cosmetic Acupuncture and Medical Skin Needling (really interesting, but something I probably will not be trying), Photo Rejuvenation, Laser Hair Removal and many other treatments (all this information can be found on their website). Appointments can be made through email or by phone. They're quiet busy and time slots fill up quickly so it's definitely wise to book ahead. They also have a Youtube Channel where you can have a look at their treatments.

I'm super excited for my next visit to SKN in April! My skin hasn't felt this good in years - despite the treatments being a tad expensive, it's worth it. Thank you SKN and Megan

I'll be blogging about my next visit to SKN and how my skin is after my Vitamin A Peel.

Have any of you tried SKN? ♥



  1. I haven't tried it yet, I've looked into it. After your review, I just might!

    1. I hope you do! It's a fantastic little place with the most wonderful girls and the results are amazing :)


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