All About Color

I'm usually pretty neutral when it comes to my wardrobe and accessories (it's usually black on black on black - sometimes a splash of green or pink, but that's asking a lot). However, recently I have been CRAZY about color! Well, I haven't really been wearing a lot of color, but I am considering incorporating quite a few vibrant pieces into my wardrobe for spring and summer. Seeing all these gorgeous bursts or neon and bright colors is so refreshing and beautiful. Here are a few pieces I am drooling over...

One of my favorite pieces from Heidi Merrick's spring collection. I fell in love with it when I first saw it in person at Oliver and Lilly's.

I`ve been very much into oranges lately...

I am dying to get my hands on a pair Dieppa Restrepo's Gaston loafers. They are simply, absolutely gorgeous. I would get them in every color (if only they werent $300 some a pair...)

Aqua aura crystals are one of my favorites, turn it into a bullet necklace and oh la la.

Handmade beauty for only $75. This satchel also comes in a bright neon green and pink. She also does cute flats and oxfords for very reasonable prices.

Nothing like a burst of sunshine to put me in a smiley mood. 

No its not something I would wear, but it would sure make a beautiful accent to any room in my house (and it would help with geography class...well if I were actually taking geography - I could totally sleep and study at the same time)

Have any of you lovelies been into color lately? What colorful pieces would you incorporate into your wardrobe?



  1. Love the yellow fold over clutch! I'm obsessed with yellow for spring :)


    1. I am also a big fan of yellow! Such a gorgeous and bright color.

  2. Nice pieces!



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