Front and Company Rummage Sale ♥

It's that time of year again: it's time for Front and Company's Rummage Sale! Time to get up nice and early for a cup of coffee on Main Street and roll up your sleeves while lining up to get into the gem consignment store for crazy deal goodies

've been able to go to every sale they've had for the past 2 years or so now and each time I've come home with amazing finds. One year I scored a pair of COH Jeggings and a pair of super cute Prada sandals while last year I managed to dig up a couple James Perse tanks, a funky Surface To Air top and a little Marc By Marc Jacobs watch. Despite the crowd and hectic atmosphere, it's actually quite fun. I love browsing through the accessories and stationary from their store next door (they usually have a table outside if the weather is nice - crossing my fingers for sun this weekend).

'll definitely be stopping by this weekend (hopefully before) work to see what treasures are to be found! I hope you lovelies will have the time to stop by and do some digging (and share your finds)!



  1. Does it get super packed or are there lineups? This sounds like such a great event!

    1. It is usually more busy in the mornings when they first open up (sometimes there will be a line up to get into the store, but only when it first opens - the early bird catches the worm sort of thing).
      I have gone mid-day before and there was no line-up, though it was fairly crowded inside!

      Its a fun event to go to - even if you dont end up with something there are so many things to browse through!

  2. Thanks sweetie, I just followed back!:X

  3. Yay, definitely going to check this out! I've been meaning to go their store after you mentioned it in a post a few weeks back~


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