Heidi Merrick Trunk Show at Oliver and Lilly's ♥

I am SO excited to go to this trunk show! It has been on my mind for the past couple weeks now and I have, literally, been counting down the days on the calendar. An opportunity to hang out with one of my all-time favorite designers and have a little sneak peak of her fall collection is something I cannot miss!

Any of you lovelies thinking of swinging by the neighborhood for some shopping that day should definitely email sayhello@oliverandlillys.com for an invite for that special evening! Space is limited so make sure to email by Friday the 18th!

Check out Heidi Merrick's breathtaking Spring/Summer collection:

I'm thinking of wearing my Heidi Merrick Carp shirt and Desmond pants...or maybe with a pair of leggings...hrm



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