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Sprinting to catch the Main Street bus to get to work last week, I was stopped dead in my tracks when my eyes caught sight of these adorable lockets in the window display of sweet local boutique Much And Little. Not only did I miss my bus but missing my bus led me into the heart-warming shoppe and gazing for a long time at these adorable and colorful little enamel lockets made in the city of lights.

 Picture via Shanghai Style

These little lockets are from a sweet brand named Trois Petits Points. Launched in 2007, Trois Petits Points is designed and created by Emilie Despeaux in her workshop in Paris. Each piece is made of materials chosen with care from gold-colored brass or silver plate and is often enamelled with elegent pops of color. Her collection, of course, does not stop at just enamelled lockets and includes many other elegant pieces of jewelry from earrings to bracelets.

The sweet story behind the name of Emilie's collection is described by herself as:

"Trois Petits Points means in English « three little dots » or « three little stitches ». It's a reference to embroidery design that was my specialty when I studied textile design and more poetically to « ... » at the end of a phrase, a kind of promise that something will follow..."

Delta Necklace from the Spring/Summer 2012 Collection

I love the simplicity of each piece and her additions of color, keeping the "classic" in a locket yet making it modern and fresh. Prices vary from piece to piece, but expect to pay anywhere around $100 or more for her precious handmade jewelry. Her jewelry can be purchased from Much and Little or Beklina's online.

I've already started a jewelry fund jar and just cannot wait to wear one of these lovely dainties around my neck ♥



  1. those lockets are so pretty! and I love the geometric pendants :)

  2. I like the Delta necklace!


  3. all this jewelry is adorable! i found your blog when looking for pictures of the Alexander Wang Emile.. your's is beautiful and definitely makes me want to purchase one!



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