Leah Goren ♥

My obsession with all things handmade began when I stumbled upon the magical world of Etsy.

One of my favorite pieces in my wardrobe comes from one of my favorite designers that I found on Etsy: Leah Goren. How incredibly charming and whimsical are her pieces? There's just something about her repeating patterns and the ease in the structure of her pieces - so simple and delicate, yet such darling statement pieces that you could wear every day. They're not so basic, basics  

This Cat Print Curved Hem Tank is one of my closet staples. Perfectly cropped and loose yet structured. 

The Black Cat Dress is a classic (she also did a collaboration with Anthropologie that included a similar design). 


These adorable pieces are not just limited to clothing, she also has a collection of scarves, pouches, totes, prints, and tech accessories (I'm proud to say that my Iphone case looks a little something like this). 

Did I mention? Every order comes beautifully wrapped and if you ever need a custom size or style, she's super sweet and will work with you for the perfect piece.



Winsome Goods Goodness ♥

I love browsing on Instagram. I could spend hours and hours going through photos finding home inspiration, fashion inspiration, and life inspiration. After clicking through various photos and users, my eyes caught sight of the perfect pair of summer shorts. After a bit of researching and Instagram snooping on strangers I stumbled upon Winsome Goods

Winsome Goods is a lovely, simplistic, quality-driven, small-batch brand of clothing designed and handmade in the USA. I have yet to pull the trigger and purchase any of their beautiful pieces yet (I've been forcefully resisting myself), but I definitely see myself picking up probably almost everything in the near future. Their pieces styled together are adorable, but are also simple enough to be worn with everything in your wardrobe.

These are quite possibly the perfect pair of shorts. They also come in a longer pant version.

How adorable is this slightly cropped Tulip Top? The back and side detail is so pretty - and the higher neckline is perfect for some dainty gold jewelry.

 This is such an easy, simple, lightweight and elegant top. It would make a great wardrobe staple - and it's navy!

I know I haven't posted in a long while - life has kept me very busy, but I'm slowly starting to piece my life together. Hope you're all doing well lovelies! ♥


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